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Our highly technical team has deep expertise in data science & machine learning.  We’re building Popp to empower recruiters and talent professionals to upgrade to better, faster. With infinite scale.

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The Team

A lean team of technology experts

Sam Dhesi


Former Head of Emerging Tech for the UK Government, Cambridge data scientist, experienced technical product director and research engineer.

Ilyes Benmansour


Experienced full-stack developer, AI expert and lead software engineer for multiple high growth startups from pre-seed to Series B and beyond.

James Cochrane-Dyet


Seasoned tech strategy consultant and business development expert, former CCO at a Series A high-growth startup, MBA from LBS and MIT.

Vision & Mission

The most important tool in hiring
is human intuition.
So we’re scaling you.

Popp scales human intuition. We replicate the way you think to handle 1000s of candidates at once, without compromising great candidate experience.

Recruiters deserve better

Simplicity is key to productivity. Popp is built for non-technical users and can be deployed out of the box, anywhere, in minutes. We make it as easy as possible for you to harness the power of AI and 10X your productivity.

Candidates deserve better

Popp makes your candidates feel one in a million, not one of a million. We provide real-time information and feedback for every candidate, keeping your candidates happy and engaged for the next time around.

We innovate to be better

We’re audacious about disrupting the way we interact with candidates. We’re jettisoning the stale, traditional toolsets of yesterday and reimagining a better ghosting-free world of meaningful conversations that count.

Our AI Manifesto

Enterprise-grade security and privacy & AI you can trust

Our mission is to deploy AI to elevate human beings.

We know it's critical to tackle the thorny issues of regulatory compliance, fairness and inclusivity head on. Having a forward-thinking approach to AI-enabled hiring, that emphasises transparency, equality, and the scientific integrity of AI applications is not a differentiator, it's essential.

As well as elevating our users’ potential and redirecting their efforts away from administrative chores to meaningful human connections, our AI actively enhances fairness in hiring processes and improves human insights and learning. We give our clients transparency about how every decision has been made by our AI, so that you are always in-the-loop. Popp’s AI engine is significantly less biased than humans, based on an independent audit conducted by Warden AI.

To safeguard against discrimination, Popp AI undergoes regular, independent audits to verify fairness and impartiality to ensure that every candidate is evaluated on an equal footing, based on their abilities and potential.

EU Regulatory
Assured by Warden AI
Our Story

Trusted to solve the country’s biggest problems

Our team occupied senior government roles during the pandemic. Sam as the Head of Emerging Tech in the British Government, and James as a Chief of Staff to the NHS COVID Crisis Team.

During this period, we experienced the challenges of scaling up emergency operations rapidly, and which involved hiring hundreds of people every month and processing tens of thousands of applications. We noticed how the hiring process broke down at scale, from high-quality, high-touch human-led hiring to low-quality, low-touch automation.

It became clear that the most effective tool in hiring is us. But human intuition simply isn't scalable - that's why today's products focus on replacing human intuition with one-size-fits-all machine intuition and heavy-handed automation. But that is simply replacing one problem with another.

That's why we're building Popp: to empower recruiters to program exactly how they think and work into an ever-improving digital assistant that is able to deeply analyse and have thousands of screening conversations with candidates simultaneously.

Case Study

Priority Recruitment achieved
8x ROI in the first month

“We have saved 11+ hours work, significantly less hassle, and booked 35 interviews. Over a weekend. Honestly, that is just awesome!!”

— Head of Retail, Sales and HR Recruitment

<20 mins

Total Setup Time

12 new




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