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Scaling Volume Hiring at a Premiership Football Cl

James Cochrane-Dyet
19 Mar
5 min read

🚀 Popp's AI Copilot: Popp delivers 26X faster candidate screening:

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, time is money, especially during peak seasons like the build-up to Christmas. Popp's Recruitment AI Copilot recently proved its game-changing capabilities to:

  • Scale up volume hiring to meet peak-season demand. ✔
  • While preserving great candidate experience.✔
  • And delivering significant cost savings (15.5h of manual work in <35 mins.) ✔

🔦 Client Spotlight:

Priority Recruitment is a mid-sized UK-based recruitment agency with a mission:

‘To provide a personable, human recruitment experience to clients and candidates in volume hiring projects”.

Priority was looking for a solution that could be deployed rapidly to help scale the reach and effectiveness of their volume outreach campaigns for an internationally-recognized Premiership Football Club and their official kit supplier.

⚡ The Lightning-Fast Campaign:

The campaign kicked off on a Friday at 12:30, targeting retail workers aged eighteen and above suitable for Christmas temp work. The setup process was swift, taking less than 20 minutes.

Out of 121 candidates who applied for the role, the AI copilot efficiently screened out 39 individuals who didn't meet the requirements through the deployment of a conversational AI delivered via WhatsApp. This alone saved over 4.5 hours of recruitment time, not to mention the additional time typically spent on follow-up calls, voicemails, and multiple contact attempts.

The real game-changer emerged in the screening process, where the copilot booked 50 interviews with potential candidates that met hiring managers’ requirements. These screenings, averaging 12.5 minutes each, translated to nearly 10 hours saved. Additionally, identifying 15 non-responsive candidates saved approximately an hour in voicemail and follow-up attempts.

Mop-up admin work took an additional 15 minutes, bringing the total time invested to approximately 35 minutes.

🔧 Support Requests:

Priority Recruitment made 5 requests for help from Popp AI, with 3 already resolved by the time the team logged in. The remaining 2 requests, requiring attention, were efficiently handled in just 4 minutes.

🤯 Mind-Blowing Results:

The final figures, revealed one week later, were nothing short of remarkable. For a 35-minute time commitment, Popp’s AI co-pilot screened and successfully booked hiring manager interviews with 50 candidates. Of the 50 interviews, 33 candidates attended, aligning with expectations for a group interview session. Impressively, 12 candidates were offered and accepted roles, and 100% accepted a further testament to the quality of the screening process. The new hires went on to leave verified Google reviews such as; “Absolutely amazing! Loved the whole experience”.

This accomplishment would traditionally have demanded 2-3 days of a junior recruiter’s time, not including an account manager's management. This represented a clear 8X ROI on pure labour cost-savings.

The efficiency and flexibility of Popp's AI were further highlighted by the out-of-hours timing of successful conversations, occurring not only during normal business hours but over a weekend when traditional recruitment offices are usually empty.

In the words of the campaign manager: "Honestly, that is awesome."


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